Point of Sale System for pizza restaurants & franchises.


iPizza is a Point of Sale solution specifically designed for pizza restaurants and pizza delivery, franchises or independent stores.

Half/Half Pizzas

Allows Half and Half pizzas plus appropriate surcharge if required.

3D Product Matrix

Maintains Sizes, Bases and Styles to allow for the complex pizza menus normally on offer. Swap between Sizes, Bases and Styles during the order taking process. Keeps up with the customer when they change their order without having to delete and re-enter numerous times.

Customer Service Screen – Timer

Provides accurate information to your customers on wait times.

Toppings Management

Colour-based management of topping quantities to indicate what is on, double or not at all. The Toppings Manager handles no, light, single, double and triple toppings with pricing rules.

Make Line Monitor - Base Sauce

Adds special treatment for the Base Sauce on the MLM so that it clearly stands out.

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