Seamless online ordering integration solution


More Orders, Less Effort

iOrder offers online ordering for franchises and independent stores.

Customers can place their orders online with no staff assistance. Orders can be paid for, and sent to the appropriate store/location.

  • Integrates with iPOS and iPizza.
  • Allows online payments.
  • Customise to branding.
  • Connects to Makeline or Docket Printer.
  • No extra equipment required.
  • Optional instore kiosk.

Imagatec iOrder

Imagatec has been working away on our new online ordering platform and are pleased to announce iOrder – the most affordable online ordering solution available for iPOS and iPizza!

Are your current online ordering transaction charges excessive? 30%, 35%, 40%, hidden charges, account charges… that’s just crazy, how is someone expected to make any profit paying fees that high? iOrder keeps it real, how does 50c/order sound to you? If your minimum online order is $20, that’s just 2.5% - now that is crazy! Finally, there is an online ordering solution that doesn’t break the bank. They’re your online customers, and they’re ordering your food, so you should be the one benefitting the most, and iOrder makes that possible.

iOrder was created for YOU, with features YOU want, at an affordable cost YOU deserve, so that YOU benefit!

iOrder is a completely new online ordering platform, designed specifically to meet the growing need for our iPOS and iPizza customers to open their stores to online customers. Using your own domain name, or a free iOrder domain from Imagatec, you can add an online order link to your website, or Facebook, or Google, or all of them, and open your store to the web.

Amongst the many great features that iOrder offers, the most convenient is that it is fully integrated into iPOS and iPizza. So when your online customers place an order, iOrder will send that order directly to your POS. It is then accessible to the whole of POS, from Make Line Monitor, to Customer Service Screen, to back office reports and reconciliations. With iOrder, there is no more need for that extra tablet or printer just to print your online orders. And with iOrder, the customers remain your customers, and any customer details provided are safely stored in your customer database, giving you access to improved marketing options.

If Imagatec iOrder interests you, or you are ready to add iOrder, just let us know. Email and one of our iOrder techs will give you a call.

Imagatec iOrder - Feature List:

  • Online access to a store’s POS menu
    • Each product can include an images
    • Products can be customised based on allowed rules (ie. customers can change/add/remove toppings and extras)
    • Customisable Menu Headings for each menu section
    • Customisable product display order per menu section
    • Option to use different online product names
  • iPOS/iPizza integration:
    • Orders are sent to iPOS/iPizza POS
    • Orders are fully accessible by POS and/or its included features (ie. Make Line Monitor, Customer Service Screen, etc)
    • iOrder colours can be customise from iPOS/iPizza back office (or in the iWarehouse for Franchises)
    • iOrder features can enabled/disabled from iPOS/iPizza back office (or in the iWarehouse for Franchises)
    • iOrder features can configured/customised from iPOS/iPizza back office (or in the iWarehouse for Franchises)
  • Half & Half:
    • Gives online customers the ability to creat half and half items (ie. essential for pizzas stores)
  • Update Added Products:
    • Any customisable product added to a customer order can be edited prior to payment
  • Upsells:
    • Hard upsells (ie. online customer is presented with an upsell recommendation prior to payment)
    • Upsell are configured for you by Imagatec helpdesk and are based on the rules you define (ie. if a customer only buys a meal, recommend a drink; or if a customer buys a meal and a drink, recommend a dessert)
  • Breadcrumbs:
    • Adds a breadcrumb forced navigation mode
    • Customers need to click “next” to progress through the menu sections
    • Shows progress through the menu sections
  • Combos/Promos:
    • Includes support for “default” iPOS/iPizza COMBO functionality (ie. COMBO=element,element)
    • Includes support for “default” iPOS/iPizza COMBO scripts (ie. PRICEPARENT)
    • Includes support for “default” iPOS/iPizza COMBO elements (ie. P111)
    • Includes support for “TAG” elements for use in COMBO (ie. COMBO=TAG1,TAG2)
  • Deal Codes:
    • Can link to any promo or discount available in POS
    • Allows online customers to enter a predefined deal code (number or text) to load a promo or discount in iOrder
    • Dealcodes can be generated from the back office of iPOS & iPizza (or in the iWarehouse for Franchises)
  • Embedded URL deal codes:
    • direct linking to the iOrder menu from an external site or service, and automatically applying a dealcode promotion
  • Banner Advertising:
    • Banner ad rotator functionality now available
    • Will swap through list of banner ads with each menu filter/item change or refresh
  • Pickup orders supported
  • Delivery orders supported
  • ASAP Orders:
    • Online customer can select the earliest possible pickup/delivery time
  • Timed Orders:
    • Online customer can place an order for a set time during trading period of current day
  • Future Orders:
    • Online customer can place an order for a set time during trading period of a future day
  • Simple Delivery Area:
    • Set a maximum allowed order distance from the store
  • Advanced Delivery Area:
    • Allowable delivery areas defined by delivery zones
    • Customisable delivery zone shapes and sizes
    • Support for multiple delivery zones
    • Each delivery zone can include its own custom delivery charge and/or delivery time offset
    • Delivery areas can be defined from the back office of iPOS & iPizza (or in the iWarehouse for Franchises)
  • Simple Trading Hours:
    • Set a common Start and End time that your online store will be open
  • Advanced Trading Hours:
    • Set individual Start and End times for each trading period for each day of the week
    • Set the Start and End times for public holiday trading periods
    • Set up custom trading periods for special occasions
  • iOrder Trade Overrides:
    • Use Online Ordering (enable or disable iOrder completely)
    • Allows Upsells (turn upsells off or on)
    • Override Start Trade (start online trade now)
    • Override End Trade (end online trade now)
    • Allows OLO Pickup (enable and disable online Pickup orders)
    • Allows OLO Delivery (enable and disable online Delivery orders)
    • Min Delivery (set the minimum order $ value for delivery)
    • Free Delivery (set the minimum order $ value for free delivery)
    • Hide Pickup Times (Hide the PICKUP times displayed to online customers in iOrder)
    • Hide Delivery Times (Hide DELIVERY times displayed to online customers in iOrder)
  • Multiple Payment Options:
    • Pay in Store
    • Pay Online:
      •   PayPal
      •   eWay
      •   NAB
  • eReceipt:
    • iOrder order confirmation/receipt is emailed to the online customer upon order completion
  • Security:
    • All connections are encrypted using 256bit SSL certificate encryption

Want to discuss our software or try a free demo?

Try a free online demo of iPOS, iPIZZA, iWASH or iORDER. We’ll take some details about your business and customise the demo to give you the full experience.