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Point Of Sale system ideal for Fast Service Food stores, Food Courts, Pubs, & Clubs.

iPOS - POS Software for Fast Service Food Stores

Simple Touch Screen Interface

Fast, Friendly and Easy To Use.
Cuts down on training needs.
Allows staff to focus on customer experience.

Multiple Workstations

Built-in support for up to 255 workstations
with the right hardware.

Docket Printing

Send Dockets to up to 10 Remote Printers.

Multiple Store Flexibility

Allows for different Price and Products to be configured from a central single Master Database. Designed with Franchising in mind.

Remote Management

Making remote management easy. iPOS is based on internet technology, accessable from just about anywhere, whether that be in the next room, the next building or the next country. Perfect for anyone on the go.

Easy Reports

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Summaries, and many other reports can be run anytime from anywhere. Reports can also be customised for organisation specific needs.

Barcode Scanner Interface

Scan Products, Scan Coupons, Scan Staff Cards.

Flexible Daily Operations

24 Hour Operation Days can be adjusted to trade past midnight.

Daily Reconciliations

Cash Reconciliations, Float Reconciliations and Safe Drops.

Make Line Monitor

View and Select Orders from the queue to be produced.

Dispatch Monitor

View and Select Orders from the queue to be dispatched. Reports on Production Statistics.

Customer Service Screen

Combined with the Make Line Monitor it informs your customers of their order progress.

Multi Window Drive Thru Support

Can be configured for 1, 2 or 3 window Drive Thrus.

Loyalty System

Support for points based Loyalty systems and cards.

Gift Card Support

Scan, activate, and use Gift Cards straight from the POS.

Product Matrix

Multi-Dimensional Product Matrix up to 26 Dimensions. Combine Size, Flavour, etc in any combination of products.

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Warehouse Addon

Multi-store Operation

PocketPos Addon

Wireless POS

iSign Addon

Electronic Menus

Pizza Addon

Handles Pizza

Delivery Addon

Handles Delivery

Coffee Addon

Handles Coffee